Monday, March 23, 2015

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

C O L O R S;

You have to COLOUR outside the lines once in a while if you want to make your life A MASTERPIECE.

Good morning everyone!

So, how’s it going? As you all know this is my first post in this blog and I’m going to start with this amazing outfit I put up. This look is so perfect for casual hangout with friends on a sunny day. I’m wearing a pink batik skirt and a white blouse. ’m not a simple kind of person so I need to add a big colourful necklace of mine and a long peacock ring.

The big necklace and ring is not enough to finish up this look, I use my bright coloured small bag and then a simple light turquoise sandals with gold straps on it.

White blouse: PRIMARK
Batik Skirt: Unknown
Sandals:  Gallery Lafayette (BCBGeneration)
Necklace: PRIMARK
Ring: Unknown

Bag: Accessorize

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Monday, November 3, 2014


Today’s look is dressy, I’m wearing a lovely purple dress. It has nice layers on the tip of it, also there are a line of  purple beads on the edges (top). The straps are really thin, this dress is using a zipper.  I use a flower crown to add the ‘fairy tale’ look to this dress. 

Hey guys, did you know that Jakarta has a fashion week going on? Well, they throw Jakarta Fashion Week 2015 :: and I am invited. The show is still going on right now until 7th of  November 2014, so far the fashion shows are absolutely AMAZING. I’ve been watching more than 5 shows from 1st of November.

I will be posting about it really soon, and if you’re interested I think you can still buy or get the ticket.


Thursday, October 23, 2014


I took this photo at Cafe Betavia, Old City (Kota Tua). The place is amazing, there are pictures of important people and this is one of the most visited city. The setting of the place is based on what we believed to be Batavia (Java) dining room looks like, many years ago.

I wore this bright red bustier and a colourful skirt made from a fabric called rang-rang, it is very beautiful and unique, and the colour combination is perfect. I also used this red-blue-brown-silver big and long necklace because the top looked to boring and empty.

Bustier: Custom
Necklace: Online Shop
Skirt: Custom
Sandals: My Feet
Bag: Louis Vuitton

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